Online Gaming PC Buying Guide


Welcome to the GamingSpecs, the non-geeky(and plain English) gaming pc buying guide site. I am an avid gamer as anyone would imagine and I built the site to help you buy your ultimate gaming PC.


First thing first, I’ve divided the site into three parts, two of them are of course obvious. I’ll talk about both Gaming Desktop and Laptop here. So depending on your need, refer to the corresponding page. I’ve added(and never stop adding) detailed information there and so will be able to help you out nicely.


On the desktop part of this site, I’ll talk about what to look for if you buy a pre-configured machine and how to choose proper components if you are going to build it. I’ll talk about all the things you need so you will become expert in buying PC in no time. And yes, there’s will be a big section where I will be talking about upgrading your existing desktop and putting more firepower into it. Upgrading your PC is not easier as it sounds as there are many factors you need to consider, so I’ll talk about upgrading extensively.


Now, the Laptops, there aren’t many things about Laptop. Building a Laptop yourself is pretty impossible and upgrading is also out of question. So, I’ll stick to gaming Laptop as well as makers reviews in this part. I’ll just post reviews of the Laptops and tell you if it’s worth it or not. It’s a pretty straightforward section to be honest.

Consoles and Handhelds

Now comes the last part, in this part I’ll talk about gaming consoles, like PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii as well as handheld devices like Playstation vita, Nintendo 3ds and ios, android devices. I know you are wondering what does consoles, handhelds and phones have to in a PC based site. I accept your raised eyebrew but still I could not help adding them in this site. There are a lot of debate whether you should buy consoles or PC for gaming, and how does handhelds perform against PC gaming. I’ll address them in this section of the site. But I promise, I’ll keep them short.